HUBTEX Die Handlers



HUBTEX die handlers are designed to safely and quickly transport stamping dies and tools used in today’s manufacturing. These side or end loading trucks can reduce tool-changing times from hours to minutes while also keeping expensive equipment safe. When paired with aquality racking system, dies are kept off the floor and out of harm’s way while not in use.

Our die handlers are well suited for multi-shift operations where being safe, fast and reliable is paramount. The HUBTEX die transporter/tool changers have load capacities up to 143,000 lbs and their compact running gear allows for extremely low entrance heights underneath machinery.

  • Load capacities up to 143,000 lbs
  • Tool platform with lift heights up to 118″
  • Extremely low platform heights combined with high load capacities
  • Tool Changes are carried out using a chain system driven by thrust rods so that tools can be changed quickly
  • Ideal push/pull system. The length of the thrust rods can be adjusted and the rods can be operated individually

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HUBTEX Die Handler silhouette
HUBTEX Die Handler carrying a Stamping a Tool die
HUBTEX Die Handler off loading a die

Key Advantages ofHUBTEXDie Handlers

  • Designed as a multidirectional die transporter, it travels lengthwise and sideways without needing to turn.
  • The trucks do not need to dock onto the front face of the press bed. Hydraulic stabilizers keep the vehicle stationary when pushing the die to the center of the press bed.
  • Extremely heavy loads are divided over articulated wheels eliminating point loading.
  • The units are battery powered. Their capacity is designed to last for a multi shift operation.

Multidirectional Steering

Based off of the same technology used in HUBTEX’sElectric Multidirectional Sideloaders, our die handlers come equipped with 360 degree steering. This enables precise, predictable maneuverability in tight areas.

Safety Features

In addition to standard safety features including mirrors, acoustical warnings and lights, die handlers can be equipped with laser assisted safety scanners for detecting personnel and objects.

Advanced Motor Control System

Monitors and adjusts motor functions to ensure smooth starts, acceleration and braking while minimizing energy consumption. Can create maximum motor torque from a dead stop.

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