HUBTEX GTR – Glass Frame Transporters

佛r the Safe Handling of L and A Frame Stillages


HUBTEX Glass Frame Transporters can handle A and L-stillages with lateral lifting rails. The truck loading capacity goes up to 43 tons. GTR’s main task is to move stillages with high volume of glass packs between cold end stacker, warehouse, glass processing and dispatch. The GTR’s high reliability is necessary for optimal, continuous and efficient internal flow of your glass products.

  • Increased operators position for best visibility and high safety standards
  • Intuitive operating elements
  • Latest generation of power controls with high energy efficiency
  • Maintenance friendly truck design
  • Electric, Diesel or LPG drive
  • Vulkollan tires for indoor application and/or rubber tires for in- and outdoor use
  • Vertical glass clamps with increased retention force and ultrasonic sensors to avoid any pressure on glass packs
  • Synchronous vertical lifting system

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HUBTEX GTR Glass Frame Transporter silhouette
HUBTEX Glass Frame Transporters  handling A stillages
GTR 300 E unloading 33 tons stillage from cold end stacker
HUBTEX Glass Frame Transporters can handling L-stillages
GTR 300 E transporting L-stillage with glass packs in end caps
HUBTEX Glass Frame Transporters moving A stillages
GTR 300 E for indoor transport of L-stillages with 33 tons of glass
HUBTEX Glass Frame Transporters moving glass A frame stillages
HUBTEX GTR – Glass Frame Transporter
Rain Protection
HUBTEX GTR – Glass Frame Transporter L frame
GTR 300 E unloading/loading an autoclave in a laminating line
HUBTEX GTR 300 – Glass Frame Transporter
HUBTEX GTR – Glass Frame Transporter outside glass in A frame
GTR 300 G (LPG) with big-sized rubber tires for combined in and outdoor use
HUBTEX GTR – Glass Frame Transporter moving finished glass in factory
GTR 330 E feeding packing tables with unpacked glass packs

Independent certifications confirm HUBTEX quality

HUBTEX quality is documented by numerous certifications. Since 1997 HUBTEX maintains a quality management system in accordance to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Another quality feature is the manufacturer’s qualification according to DIN 18800, which forms the basis of work for all qualified welding engineers and experts at HUBTEX. All HUBTEX machines are compliant with the latest EU regulations and are CE marked.

Endurance and stability test of all machines prior to delivery

所有HUBTEX卡车交付之前进行测试。佛r example, all trucks have a full stability test in accordance with EN 1726-1 and an endurance test under full load.

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