EPL 20 – Multistage Material Lifter

Approach with Precise, Predictable Control

Two separately actuated lift platforms are employed.

The inboard platform can be docked and locked in position as the staging platform for loading and unloading components onto the plane.

The outboard platform acts as the material lifter and can travel up and down to bring supplies and tools safely onto the staging platform.

When the work is complete or the aircraft is being indexed forward, the EPL20 can lower into a transport position and travel with multidirectional steering under wing to a safe recycle location.

Docking is facilitated through a series of double redundant distance sensors providing precise, predictable control and failsafe protection of the fuselage skin.

This is an omnidirectional work platform and material lifter – all in one.

The Multistage Material Lifter with Multidirectional Steering

Quick Specs

  • 3,000 Lbs Load Capacity
  • 230″ x 96″ Payload Area
  • 232″ Lift Height
  • Collapsed height of 120″ for clearance
  • 3 operator control stations
  • Roll up doors with interlocks conform to the highest safety standards

Remote Operation

All machine functions are at the operator’s finger tips. The platform can be spun about center of the pod configuration or all wheel pods can be steered in any direction with the HBC wireless pendant controller.

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